song is bl00dwave - lay down / mute


lee get autism today! - greg lucke get quake now! linux powered piracy now! get a computer get firefox gog, drm-free pc games edited with vim free speach, now! viewable with any browser!

ur bad lol

what up fucker?? i'm your local virgin gaymer who beats his dick to japanese cartoons! if i'm not doing that, i'm probably doing something involving computers because i'm a hacker man. i also play games that are 2 decades old despite having a good enough pc to play doom 2016 at ultra. i'm a dumb little faggot with a speech impediment and i'm studying computer science! i love wasting my time in a text editor in my basement writing awful shit like this because it boosts my self esteem. did i mention that i'm a huge fag who loves sucking cock?

people call me a lucke clone, i'm not sure why! lucke is a fat american and i'm a tea sipping brit. although, i'm not sure which is worse.

i wasn't part of the google+ thing, although i wish i was. i joined tpng on 6/9/19.


here are my social pages and ways to contact me. i change my names a lot to keep things Fresh™ so moan at me to update this if it's wrong.

retarded shit you might want

i intentionally copied greg's idea exde


sometimes i write stupid stuff about stupid stuff because i'm stupid. read them if you're stupid.

the playstation 5

epic images

basketball black man

"basketball" - jazz (lucke)

carter's massive arm

"i have big arm" - carter lennon

terry davis

"cia niggurz" - terry davis (god)